プロセスの陶芸 Ceramic as a Process
プロセスの陶芸 Ceramic as a Process

私は、産業革命以降の大量生産・消費の加速が引き起こした大地と都市の精神的分断を繋ぐ媒介としての陶芸に関心を持ち、「プロセスの陶芸 Ceramic as a Process」をテーマに制作活動を行っている。例えば、窯をモチーフとした作品制作や、動物の糞を焼成して陶芸制作を行う「POOP陶芸プロジェクト」の展開をしている。





I am interested in ceramics as a medium to bridge the spiritual divide between the land and the city caused by the acceleration of mass production and consumption since the Industrial Revolution. I engage in creative activities with the theme 'Ceramics as a Process.' For example, I've developed projects based on motifs of kilns and the 'POOP Ceramic Project,' which involves firing animal feces to create ceramic works.I believe that the essence of ceramics lies in the 'process' of firing clay (i.e., the earth), killing its microorganisms and transforming it into crafted items. The ceramics of this process trace the route backward from the city to the clay (the earth). This journey is a layered intertwining of the relationships between the earth and the city, soil and humans, life and death. Through the intense energy of fire, something remains while something else dissipates; it's a documentary of ceramics. Furthermore, the interaction of fire and clay in ceramics reconstructs the dialogue between humans and nature, facilitating access to a spiritual land.

I envision ceramics extending beyond material values to become a communication tool for healing the relationship between nature and humans." 

Kiln:Pure Ground



The fixed location of ceramic kilns has rendered the process of ceramics invisible within cities. I see the kiln as a purification device for life and death. By situating a mobile kiln, inspired by open-air firing, as a piece within the city, the transformation of life becomes visible. Additionally, this kiln is influenced by the scene at the Mountain whee soil is dug, resembling a "kiln" that purifies humans.

Soil:Goat's Poo Juice
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